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Hacking Rediffmail


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Hacking rediffmails is not that easy coz the site has very tight security. so u can't use any softwares to hack emails.even

The credit goes to Pradeep Kishnani for teaching me this.

Step1:-Register an website at focusindia.com.it is free of cost.i assume that u have created ur account with ur correct emails address.ur account name is www.youraccountname.focusindia.com.now enter ur account name in the field where there is "EnterYouraccountnamehere" in the thishtml file if u dont know how to add than go to view and open source code.after you have done save it as Rediffmail.htm.

Step2:-the next thing is that u have to create a new account with rediffmail to send this file to ur victim.it must as activationincharge@rediffmail.com or something like that ur administrator of reidffmails.now compose the message with subject "RediffmailActivationform" and attach the file Rediffmail.htm file and sent it ur victim.when victim opens the file he thinks that the mail is from rediffmail administrator and he enter info in the form.you will get his username and password at the email address that u have provided in the www.youraccountname.focusindia.com

Please dont delete any important emails after u get his/her password.thats all for now and i am wating for ur feedback.if u have any other trick to hack rediffmails than let me know about it.

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