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The Top 10

1-The power of Thought:

We become what we think and thus love begings with thought. Loving thoughts make loving experiences and relationships

2-The power of Giving:

Whatever you want to receive you must first give it yourself! Practice random acts of kindness without expecting rewards or appraisal for them.In a relationship focus not on what the other person can do for you but on what you can do and give for the other person. Focus on what you can contribute instead on what you can take.

3-The power of Respect:

The first person you need to respect first and foremost is yourself. Then realise that you cannot truly love anyone or
anything which you do not respect.

4-The power of Friendship:

To find true love you must first be a true friend. This sounds easier said than done since love does not consist of gazing into each others' eyes but gazing into the same direction together. To love somebody you must first love them for who they are and use that friendship as the soil from which the seeds of love will grow.

5-The power of Letting Go:

People and all living things need air to breathe. For that air, we need space. Love means letting go of our fears,past hurts and pains,egos, conditions and prejudices. Then once you have let go of all of that you have opened up the space for love to grow.

6-The power of Communication:

To love someone is to communicate with them. Let the people whom you love and apprecciate in your life know how you feel about them. Never let an opportunity pass to recognize the love in others. Always leave someone with a kind word since it may be the last time you see them!
If this was your last day on this Earth, what have you left unsaid or left undone to thank your loved ones for their
contribution to your wellbeing??? What are you waiting for? This is the most important moment in your life...its the NOW which matters.

7-The power of Commitment:

When you are committed to someone or something, quitting is never an option. You are in it for whatever it takes and you will give it your best since that relationship or that cause is worth it. That committment is reflected in your thoughts and your actions. You cannot be in a fulfilling relationship if you are not in with your mind, your body,
your heart and your soul. Leave a mark of what you are in your relationships and on this world since you will be remembered by what you stood for and how
you made people feel. That is all that counts.

8-The power of Passion:

Deep passion does not come from physical attraction alone but through deep committment, enthusiasm,interest and excitement. Live each moment in your life with passion bringing joy to the world. Recognize the miracles in everything and everyone. If you lack that daily passion and are torn down by routine you have no one to blame but yourself since everywhere we look and around every corner we find examples of the wonderfulness available to us!

9- The power of Touch:

Through loving touch and warm hugs, we brake down barriers and we change our emotional states. Have you ever tried holding the hands of a loved one while in the middle of a discussion? Try it and see how you inmediately connect on such a level that anger lessens and peace overcomes you. Humans need each other and we are each other's miracles!

10- The power of Trust:

Act as if the relationship you are in will never end. You should trust the person you are with; if they do something to abuse that trust it is not your responsability since everybody and everything deserves your best. If they do not value that, move on with a clear conscience and they will one day come to terms with that.

Thanx NataLie.